Stuffed ,Wrapped  and Rolled.This is the life of Lumpia.It doesn’t  sit long in the table during parties and festivals. From a tray of lumpia, one cannot resist to pick a roll and dip.

My memories of lumpia are those busy mornings when there's a house celebration and I’d asked mom for any cooking task. I’d always wish she’d allow me sauté onions and garlic as its my favourite part of cooking but it never happened.Instead, she would ask me to carefully split the yellow wheat based wrappers from a packet of 10 to 30 sheets separated by a strip of coconut leaf. I would complain while mom would just laugh as she leaves me on a table with heaps of those yellow lumpia wrappers. she'd then be busy cooking the lumpia stuffing made of mung bean sprout, ground meat, carrots, chayote and other seasonings which seems foreign to me then.

I did not like the vegetable kind of lumpia until I reached 20s and I started eating it again. This was because of the fresh lumpia and the shanghai lumpia that became a hit on Filipino tables around 2000 and on.

According to a cuisine book entitled Palayok: Philippine food through time, on site, in the pot, lumpia has had different cultural incarnations including Vietnamese lumpia, Indonesia lumpia, and even European lumpia spreading from France and into England. In Venezuela Lumpia was introduced by the Chinese and it seems wherever lumpia goes people always tend to put there own spin on it whether it be fat lumpia, skinny lumpia or a combination of both.

Filipinos are very innovative that we came up to many versions of lumpia.There are hundred versions of lumpia in the world and with this I am proud when Alan Davidson, in his book The Oxford Companion to Food (1999),said "Philippines is the country where lumpia-making has been carried to a high pitch of excellence."

Vegetable Lumpia Recipe


1 whole garlic – chopped

1 Onion – chopped

1 cup shredded cabbage

1 cup carrots –thinly sliced

1 cup chayote- thinly sliced

1 cup green beans – thinly sliced

2 cups Mung bean sprout (togue)

¼ Kg. Ground beef

Lumpia wrapper (spring roll wrapper)

Canola Oil




1.     Heat oil in a wok with medium low heat.

2.     Sauté garlic and onion.

3.     Add in the ground beef. Sauté ‘til light brown or until cook.

4.     Mix in the carrots, green beans, chayote cabbage and bean sprout in the wok.

5.     Season with salt and pepper. Once cook, set aside.

6.     Prepare the spring roll wrapper in to single sheet.

7.     Put a spoon of the sautéed vegetable in the middle of a wrapper and rolled it carefully making the vegetable well-sealed inside. Do the same in all the remaining vegetables. Set aside.

8.     Heat oil in a frying pan with medium high heat.

9.     Fry the wrapped vegetables ‘til the wrappers turn into golden brown.

10.   Serve with tomato catsup and mayonaise dip.