Avocados? I like it.

I used to eat it cold and smooth on a tall glass blended by my mom with a just amount of cream and an alaska condensed milk. Sometimes I liked it mashed in a bowl with my favorite alpine milk. I never ate it freshly sliced not until one morning, when mom served it for merienda.And it looked so beautiful the way it is, not being crushed and smashed.The yellowish core meets the greenish crust in a perfect tone. The milk and sugar was just enough not to out stand the avocado.

I took photos, from angle to another.As I turned the plate for the seventh time perhaps, I realized, "This is not just an image, This is a food."

That one morning, I loved avocado thrice than I did before. I loved it more because of its rawness, that is yes sweet but a bit bitter.I loved how a bite along with just few dust of powdered milk and sugar explode into my mouth. Its ascending sweetness while it melts makes me scoop for one. And then another and another.

Avocado? how do you eat one?