Three years ago I can’t imagine myself pushing a cart at grocery store finding oriental seasonings or taking time to get a fresh meat. I didn’t imagined myself washing the pan, slicing some onions, cooking at least one dish or even preparing a table for six. I didn’t imagined being particular with a taste.

But growing up, my ideals of being a beautiful woman have changed when I stayed home for summer two years ago. I consistently observed my mom Candelaria, a Pampanguena preparing for breakfast and dinner while I tell her stories and my career plans. Slowly, I got fascinated at how she prepares every simple dish to an extraordinary delectable plate with passion. There were so much art and love in the way she cooks and gradually I shared the same.

My mom couldn’t believe how from photography and writing I came to love culinary. I would just simply answer her “It’s your fault.”

So what I and my mom did is coming up with this food blog to combine the three and tell tales of food memories.

To us, there is no smell very homely than the aroma of garlic, onions and tomatoes sautéed to get a perfect pinakbet or perhaps a kare-kare or maybe an escabeche.

May this blog bring you back home!

Welcome to platoplatito.com