No. I am not bothered of the absence of the isaw and tokneneng in this foreign land. I can last and create alternative to meet those taste.

But there’s one Filipino snack which taste cannot resemble any other and so I just crave and long– pritong saging and turon!

Banana cue locally called “pritong saging” and banana fritters “turon”

Both are  popular snack food in the Philippines. Banana cues are deep fried bananas coated in caramelized brown sugar. It is made from Saba bananas and usually skewed on a bamboo sticks.

Turón or the banana fritters made of thinly sliced bananas (preferably saba or cardaba bananas and a slice of jackfruit, dusted with brown sugar, rolled in spring roll.

Turón and banana cue are popular street food among Filipinos. It is available every afternoon in the Philippine urban and rural streets sold along with camote cue and maruya.

Saging and Turron have been huge part of my afternoons from high school to college.

I remember in 2007 when I was senior at Lagao National Highschool, our class room was situated near the canteen and I could remember how every afternoon I sweetly struggle with the smell of deep fried bananas caramelizing in sugar stealing my concentration in our history class.

I change my mind easily when it comes to food but not on afternoon recess-I always sure of what I want. Deliberate than ever, in a matter of 20 steps I indulge two hot banana cue skewed on a bamboo stick for only five peso.

Memories of my authentic Filipino tastes bud is incredibly all about afternoon in Philippines blowing and biting five peso hot banana cues for two.