Living life is like sitting in a dining table. You are served with a plate, whether it’s a crystal-made or an ordinary tin, you are the one to choose what to and how to eat. Whether you sit in a table everyday as luxurious or penniless you decide how to digest the responsibilities on your plate. Life isn’t a chain of unseen events where you wake up one day and suddenly there’s garlic atop your frost cake, and then a sticky mustard layered in it and finally it’s messed with a cold soup and chunks of beef. You flare up and began believing that “you’re not in control of your life.”


Life gives spices. There are days where you are indulging with your almond ice cream from a sugar cone and suddenly life hands you a salty dried fish and you need to put down that cone as life requires you to face with some salty dried fish called trials. Just because you ate an ice cream you thought dried fish as the worst food ever but imagine if you didn’t, you just can’t stop dipping it in a bowl of chili and vinegar because you’re learning to like its kick.

Here then is one secret of eating and living: the art of neutralizing. When you get back to your almond ice cream after your fish, it gives you another treat of creamy blast. And oh! it was just the same ice cream you had yesterday. Yes! It was the same person you loved, the same place you lived, the same food you ate, and yet you savoured them just a little bit more lovelier, livelier and tastier.

What’s eating and living makes like a first time then?
It’s appetite.#

By: Cheng Gonzales

joyfully eating